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The Good Old Days

Looking back, I remember a better time- a time when firmware wasn’t digitally signed. There was no need for SHSH blobs and TinyUmbrella. In this technological adolescence, I feel that Apple has not only gotten wise to what we should … Continue reading

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Schrödinger’s Cat: A Personal Essay

Writing is a means of expression, which I am extremely passionate about. Summarizing my journal is difficult, due large in part to the facing of my own dysfunctions. Condensing six weeks worth of daily experiences into one thousand words is … Continue reading

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My Favorite Person: A Tribute To Stephen “Steve” Smerker

I remember him calling me back in 2002, telling me that his younger brother, the kindhearted Joe Smerker, had overdosed on heroin. Steve told me that he was found by a tree- nothing else was said. Steve didn’t cry, as … Continue reading

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Gateway Drug Concept: Fact or Fiction

Gateway Drug Concept: Fact or Fiction Does the illusive “gateway” drug exist? Moreover, is there a single drug, which opens a portal into the bowels of addiction? These, and many more questions must be addressed if one is to understand … Continue reading

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IHPS: A Genetic Journey

Abstract Infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (IHPS) is a stricture of the pyloric sphincter, primarily affecting Caucasians. IHPS may be genetically inherited, environmental, or it may be a multifactorial trait. Throughout all of the research compiled and available to the public, … Continue reading

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Sovereignty in Medicine

It would not be considered a bold statement to proclaim that the institution of medicine has progressed a great deal over the course of a mere few centuries. Its earliest roots would be found in physicians that would go an … Continue reading

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Manayunk: An Urban Hike

As I began my urban hike, through the streets of Manayunk, it had not occurred to me how much things had changed over time. What was once a middle-class community, composed of Polish, Irish, and Italian immigrants, is now an … Continue reading

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Happy Friday The 13th Fuckers!

Happy Friday the 13th! Today children, we’re breaking all of the rules. In a few more sentences, you’ll see the decay of my average writing style in exchange for a more juvenile form. The reason I will write this way … Continue reading

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To Live Forever

There’s nothing I can write that you don’t already know. That is not to mean that this is worthless drivel, only that our shared time together covered everything. The entire expanse of human emotion and expression was a reciprocal open … Continue reading

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Keratosis Pilaris – No Cure For Misinformation

It is widely known that the internet is full of misinformation. Akin to my strong dislike for the self-policing entity known as Wikipedia, there are multitudes of websites that offer nothing. As I began research on a genetically acquired medical … Continue reading

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