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Remembering A Friend

To the greatest person I have ever known- Andrea T. DiFeo. You were and are the embodiment of “forever 27.” When people say that some burn the candle at both ends, I immediately think of you. Living too fast for … Continue reading

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Best Tweet Ever

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Happy Friday The 13th, Jehovah’s Witnesses!

Happy Friday the 13th! Today children, we’re breaking all of the rules. In a few more sentences, you’ll see the decay of my average writing style in exchange for a more juvenile form. The reason I will write this way … Continue reading

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Words To Live By: Greg Capullo

“One thing I’ve learned and wanna pass on- Don’t envy anybody! We only see others’ sunshine but, never their darkness. Love being you.” -Greg Capullo

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The Death of the PS2

“Applaud, my friends the comedy is over.” Sometime, long ago, I wrote a long exposé trashing Sony. Most people have no idea how close this technological pioneer has come to bankruptcy over and over. Well, it’s true, because of their … Continue reading

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Trashing the iPhone 5

While the hot topic, at present, for many is the iPhone 5, I want to discuss something completely different. Have you ever heard the term e-waste? It refers to the electronic devices we own, and the chemical compounds, which they … Continue reading

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Blue Microphone Radius Shock Mount Incompatibility Explained

Simply stated, the Radius is not compatible with the Blue Yeti. I have done a great deal of research into the issue of the Radius and the Yeti being incompatible. The following outlines exactly what is going on, and why … Continue reading

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Hint Water: Bullshit In A Bottle II

Okay. So, the following email was sent to Hint: To Whom It May Concern: My question is simple, yet I am unable to find an answer- what are you adding to the water? I am not interested in the “how” … Continue reading

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Hint Water: Bullshit In A Bottle

Hint water is an emerging product developed by Kara Goldin. What was once started in her garage and home has now made it to the shelves of popular supermarkets- Whole Foods etc. However, I’m not sold on this product, and … Continue reading

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Run Like Hell – Now At IndyPlanet

Michael Majewski’s breakout comic book entitled Run Like Hell is being sold over at IndyPlanet for a very low price. As mentioned in my previous post, the comic is a work of art, created and printed by the author. His … Continue reading

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