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The Good Old Days

Looking back, I remember a better time- a time when firmware wasn’t digitally signed. There was no need for SHSH blobs and TinyUmbrella. In this technological adolescence, I feel that Apple has not only gotten wise to what we should … Continue reading

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IHPS: A Genetic Journey

Abstract Infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (IHPS) is a stricture of the pyloric sphincter, primarily affecting Caucasians. IHPS may be genetically inherited, environmental, or it may be a multifactorial trait. Throughout all of the research compiled and available to the public, … Continue reading

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Sovereignty in Medicine

It would not be considered a bold statement to proclaim that the institution of medicine has progressed a great deal over the course of a mere few centuries. Its earliest roots would be found in physicians that would go an … Continue reading

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Sonivox Wobble Evaluation: Or Lack Thereof

Many, if not most, of the more well-known software developers, Adobe, Microsoft etc., will offer trial, or otherwise known as evaluation copies of their software. In the process of composing music, we often find ourselves ever so immersed in the … Continue reading

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The Death of the PS2

“Applaud, my friends the comedy is over.” Sometime, long ago, I wrote a long exposé trashing Sony. Most people have no idea how close this technological pioneer has come to bankruptcy over and over. Well, it’s true, because of their … Continue reading

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Trashing the iPhone 5

While the hot topic, at present, for many is the iPhone 5, I want to discuss something completely different. Have you ever heard the term e-waste? It refers to the electronic devices we own, and the chemical compounds, which they … Continue reading

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Blue Microphone Radius Shock Mount Incompatibility Explained

Simply stated, the Radius is not compatible with the Blue Yeti. I have done a great deal of research into the issue of the Radius and the Yeti being incompatible. The following outlines exactly what is going on, and why … Continue reading

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Hint Water: Bullshit In A Bottle II

Okay. So, the following email was sent to Hint: To Whom It May Concern: My question is simple, yet I am unable to find an answer- what are you adding to the water? I am not interested in the “how” … Continue reading

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Beware Bluehost

What’s more painful than masturbating with a cheese grater? One possible answer to the aforementioned question would be having your testicles crushed by a hydraulic press. The actual answer I was looking for was to wake up and find that … Continue reading

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Deleterious High Fructose Corn Syrup: The Facts

Is it good or bad? Healthy or unhealthy? Why did Whole Foods Market place it in their Unacceptable Ingredients List? Most of the information provided about relationships between high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and sucrose are often biased, and or … Continue reading

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