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iFixit: Revolutionizing Repair

As a general tinkerer, I have come into my share of devices that had one or more impenetrable areas- areas vital to a successful repair. Most of the time, people believe that they aren’t “technical” enough- I’m really not sure what they mean. If … Continue reading

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The iPhone 5: Volume Issues, iOS 6.0.1 & Much More

A question at the commencement- will iOS 6.0.1 be the cure? Early adopters should always expect some type of anomaly with any piece of technology. The iPhone 5 is no exception. When I unboxed mine, there were no scuff marks on it, scratches etc. It … Continue reading

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iPhone 5 Official Release Date

It’s official! After months of waiting for the much anticipated iPhone 5, a release date has been confirmed. Apple will hold another expo on September 12th, which will showcase the new,  smaller iPad and the long-awaited iPhone 5. The iPhone … Continue reading

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Sony DSC-TX20 Review

Welcome to the most biased review I will ever write. When you absolutely, positively need a camera that will fail the first time you ever use it, except no substitutes. The Sony TX20 is the epic fail of the year. … Continue reading

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Comcast 250GB Data Cap: The Impact Of Netflix

For Rob, Mike, and Shane. While I find it as unjust as the rest of you, Comcast has my family by the short and curlies. In the good old days of ISDN, otherwise known as “dial-up”, you certainly had a … Continue reading

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No Authorized Device Connected Line 6: Solved!

All across the web, and the Line 6 knowledge base too, I’ve seen users and owners of Line 6 equipment, like the UX2 and UX1, looking for a solution to the “No authorized device connected, Pod Farm cannot process the … Continue reading

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Koloss Torrent Available: DO NOT DOWNLOAD

I’m the last person who should have any thoughts on the matter of internet piracy. When I was in my early twenties, I made it my job to understand the gnutella networks, the different client software that existed at the … Continue reading

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Official: Apple Releases iPad HD/New Apple TV

More to come as the event kicks off at 10:00 AM PST. Stay tuned and just keep hitting refresh. 10:00 Tim Cook, Apple CEO: “I’d like to get started by talking about the post-PC revolution.” He begins talking about the iPhone, … Continue reading

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SOPA PIPA Etta James and Mega Upload: They Are All Dead

Recently, I was reading a professional blogger’s opinion about web traffic. Some part of me wants this site to grow. I make every attempt to keep the language clean, remain value-free and unbiased. When writing, I strive to keep the … Continue reading

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UltraViolet – Digitalblasphemy

Apple had the right idea with iTunes all along, where digital media is concerned- unlock and download said media to your computer, thus allowing sharing among all authorized devices. Apple isn’t the only company to understand this. But as the … Continue reading

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