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OS X 10.7 Lion: Review

The rest of the world will be privy to this operating system on Wednesday, July 20th. For me, it has been three weeks of use and criticism. Let it be known from the start that I am not impressed. If … Continue reading

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Soundgarden Festival Pier Philadelphia July 13th Review

Ticketmaster sent me an email asking me to review the July 13, 2011 concert featuring the band Soundgarden, which was sold out. Now, how you sell out a venue like this is something only Soundgarden can do. This general email … Continue reading

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Virtual Worlds

In which world do you live? If you haven’t realized yet there are two. Rather than conceit a prosaic unveiling from the start, let us together discover the two. Only then can we make a decision. There was a time … Continue reading

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4.2.8 Verizon iPhone 4…BEWARE

Jailbreaking is quite simply explained, as a process, which allows the user to be able to perform functions not included within the original iOS. Because Apple holds a “Stalin-like” grip over their appstore, we will never be able to use … Continue reading

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iPhone Protection Coming July 17th

Do you have ATT as your cellular provider? If your answer is yes then do not waste money on AppleCare for your iPhone. Coming this July 17th is an extremely affordable warranty and replacement service through ATT. Whereas Apple only … Continue reading

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“With the seven, seven-eleven, seven-eleven. Seven even back do’ Lil’ Joe.” Ice Cube That was the only thing going through my mind today at work. I actually hate that song, but my cousin used to play it like he gained … Continue reading

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Hugo Chavez And The Malignant Neoplasm

Where to begin? This man, Hugo Chavez, actually believes that his cancer will “strengthen” him! This is not a joke, nor am I attempting to make light of the situation. Cancer is no laughing matter, something you need not be … Continue reading

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@Comex Is Back With JailbreakMe 3.0

He has been inactive for far too long. Now the hero of the jailbreaking community is reborn with something no one has been able to do- hack the iPad 2. His exploit, if you didn’t know, works on a security … Continue reading

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