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Weapons Of Mass Destruction

While I possess ten fingers, which are at my disposal as sonic weapons, they often find their time passing treating the ill. This is a brief post about what I am when I’m not- well, that other person. I have … Continue reading

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Sarah Shreds: Interview With A Prodigy

Dexterity, discipline, unending creativity and blistering speed are just a few things that can be said about this guitar player. So, when she agreed to be interviewed, I was not only pleased, but also excited to hear her answers. She … Continue reading

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Jonathan Pieslak: God Of Theory

In a brief email correspondence with music theory god, Jonathan Pieslak, I thanked him for composing such a detailed description of Meshuggah’s work. His reply was nothing short of genius. Readers, take note: if you dislike a band based solely … Continue reading

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Diaspora Is The Future

“We’ve built the first stage of a new social web, one better than what’s out there today: a place where each of us owns our own information, where each person controls his or her own privacy, where no-one is a … Continue reading

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