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Hopslam Hype: A Look Into Beer Economics

This is not a boast, but for the past three years, I have purchased two cases of the heavily sought after Hopslam. The pictures from 2009 and 2010 may only show a single case, but I promise that there were … Continue reading

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Stefani Germanotta


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Hip Hop – A Disposable Culture: Part I

The vitality of Hip Hop music is not what I’m calling into question. To the left is shown a negative advertisement. Moreover, what I am calling into question is the survival of rap music from generations past. Allow me to … Continue reading

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SOPA PIPA Etta James and Mega Upload: They Are All Dead

Recently, I was reading a professional blogger’s opinion about web traffic. Some part of me wants this site to grow. I make every attempt to keep the language clean, remain value-free and unbiased. When writing, I strive to keep the … Continue reading

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UltraViolet – Digitalblasphemy

Apple had the right idea with iTunes all along, where digital media is concerned- unlock and download said media to your computer, thus allowing sharing among all authorized devices. Apple isn’t the only company to understand this. But as the … Continue reading

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Taylor Momsen – Making Miley Cyrus Look Good

What the fuck happened to Taylor Momsen? I spent the holidays watching her play Cindy Lou Who along-side Jim Carey. Now she is skanking it up every chance she gets. It doesn’t matter that she was only six when she … Continue reading

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Jenna Marbles: Funny And Hot

Jenna may not have a sex tape, but she doesn’t mind showing off her shit.

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You Get What You Deserve

Reprinted because I hate him, and I’m sorry that he wasn’t officially charged with Natalie’s death as well. Joran van der Sloot was sentenced today to 28 years in a Peruvian prison for strangling a woman there, and American officials … Continue reading

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The Construct of Crazy

Since you can’t take physical possessions with you when you’re dead, why does a person, such as myself, fret over the damage and imperfections of said possessions? It is all too common: I buy something, someone other than myself puts … Continue reading

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