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UBV-76, Kryptos, And Other Mysteries

Here’s some reading for those of you who like mystery! Taman Schud D.B Cooper Metro-2 A purported secret underground metro system which parallels the public Moscow Metro. The system was supposedly built, or at least started, during the time of Joseph … Continue reading

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Jeremy Taylor, Not Albert Schweitzer

Look up the following quotation and you are sure to find it credited as coming from Albert Schweitzer: “Revenge… is like a rolling stone, which, when a man hath forced up a hill, will return upon him with a greater … Continue reading

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Kate Upton

Fashion critics are attacking the new model, casting a negative opinion on her too-blond hair, her generic, pouty cheerleader face and her long legs that one critic described as looking as if they belong to a player for the WNBA. … Continue reading

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No Authorized Device Connected Line 6: Solved!

All across the web, and the Line 6 knowledge base too, I’ve seen users and owners of Line 6 equipment, like the UX2 and UX1, looking for a solution to the “No authorized device connected, Pod Farm cannot process the … Continue reading

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Koloss Torrent Available: DO NOT DOWNLOAD

I’m the last person who should have any thoughts on the matter of internet piracy. When I was in my early twenties, I made it my job to understand the gnutella networks, the different client software that existed at the … Continue reading

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Kony 2012: Invisible Scam

Does the tear-jerking YouTube video seem just as little too, well, are you struggling to put a name to it as well? You are not alone. From theories claiming that Joseph Kony died five years ago, to other accusations that … Continue reading

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The Last Mimzy: A Lost Review

In 2007, I went to see The Last Mimzy. Whether I liked the movie or not is of no importance. What is of importance is a very short review I placed on a website five years ago. It went something … Continue reading

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Permutations Through Time

As change is always in motion, so is the condition of things. Relationships end, careers change, people are born and others will die. Oddly enough, it’s the people we lose that I can’t bring myself to accept. While children will … Continue reading

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Meshuggah: Do Not Look Down – Official Lyrics

Strive, strive, surmount the obstacles Become the essence of your goals Hereditary dream Pray that you may attain that destiny Fall into the coveted line Where life is but a theme of pretense in lustrous guise Claims and values Charts … Continue reading

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Official: Apple Releases iPad HD/New Apple TV

More to come as the event kicks off at 10:00 AM PST. Stay tuned and just keep hitting refresh. 10:00 Tim Cook, Apple CEO: “I’d like to get started by talking about the post-PC revolution.” He begins talking about the iPhone, … Continue reading

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