Kony 2012: Cover The Night Failed

It came and went like any other night in April and nothing happened in my city or any other. All of this talk about Shepard Fairey in comparison to “cover the night” was an insult to Shepard. Why? Because he did something, that’s why. Any asshole that starts this boilerplate shit about the campaign working as some sort of movement to mobilize American youth into action and them taking a stand against a cause and I’ll show you a generation of apathetic Web 2.0 brats who only click “share” and “like” buttons. Apparently this writer has some theories.

This whole scam started out as a video- progressively infecting the web, as a shorter version of a documentary, and went viral within a day. Why is anyone surprised that nothing happened this April 20th? The same young kids who rant about shit they know nothing about through words on social networks never left their dorms and bedrooms. Writing about this seriously bores me, its just that this time I have to say “I told you so!” Now go do something constructive.

End of line.


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  1. Rob Conway says:

    In my day, we’d drink in the woods to solve problems. These kids now? Pffffffft!

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