Sony DSC-TX20 Review

Welcome to the most biased review I will ever write. When you absolutely, positively need a camera that will fail the first time you ever use it, except no substitutes. The Sony TX20 is the epic fail of the year. Picture a newer version of their TX10, but too new to receive any negative reviews. This piece of shit was taken into the ocean at Palomino Island, Puerto Rico. It had one job- take video footage of reef activity. Well, the oceanic memories are stored in my cerebral cortex, which is great, seeing as this fucker was the worst thing I ever blew $330 on. It popped, it squealed, it made more sounds dying than it did before it was submerged in water.

Camera aficionados will tell you that there simply is no such thing as a waterproof camera in that price range. They would be correct. For $150 less than the cost of the TX20, you can purchase a Pentax or an Olympus, which do the job and deliver results. What’s more? I contacted Sony seeking restitution. After a description of the problem, these pious bunches of jerkoffs begged me to send it to them, and not to return it to my retailer. When I asked what incentive I would receive to oblige Sony, I was told they couldn’t give me one until receiving the camera. How convenient.

You know, in certain older civilized cultures, when men failed as entirely as Sony have, they would throw themselves on their swords. This is the same company who generated such fine products as the Minidisc and Betamax. Beware! You can buy this camera and write inane drivel to me about how fantastic it worked, or you can be the wise consumer, which I clearly was not, and heed my words and steer clear of this piece of digital dog shit.

End of line.


[For those who care, the leaks came from the outer shell’s audio ports and the bottom access bay, which is not connected to the audio console, as they are separated and compartmentalized.]


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8 Responses to Sony DSC-TX20 Review

  1. Rob Conway says:

    You should have just put your iPhone in a ziploc bag and used that!

  2. Shane says:

    Hey Tony –

    Great review. The last Sony I bought was some Alpha DSLR and it’s been pretty cool. Taking a piece of precision equipment under water is something I wouldn’t do even if it was recommended by Jacques Cousteau (yes, I know he’s dead). Instead, I hate to agree with your friends Rob and Mike but I bought the previous model of this for my trip to Turks and Caicos (with no complaints):

    Best part? It was $4.00. You get what you pay for (don’t be rough with it) but otherwise, I’d say it’s recommended. Look for and buy a larger one if you intend on leaving your OtterBox case on.

    Please don’t use an actual Ziploc bag. I know it might be tempting to try, but do so only if you are using an ex-wife/ex-girlfriend’s phone.

  3. me says:

    Are you sure you did not submerge it beyond 5 m? Mine worked perfectly!

    • Tony says:

      As the waters of Palomino Island are extremely shallow, five meters is extremely too deep. It failed in less than two feet of water. Read the Amazon reviews of the DSC-TX10, its predecessor, and you’ll see identical failures.

  4. jane says:

    it leaks from the bottom part too

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