Beware Bluehost

What’s more painful than masturbating with a cheese grater? One possible answer to the aforementioned question would be having your testicles crushed by a hydraulic press. The actual answer I was looking for was to wake up and find that some fuck-faces had suspended your website and all of its content because the credit card you were using was closed due to circumstances beyond your control. What circumstances do I write of? Well, let us suppose that your credit card issuer has a breach in their security, so they issue a new set of cards to all of their customers. The problem with this is that mine was registered to said card, with a specific set of numbers. So, what appeared to be failure of payment was actually not my fault in the least. Didn’t this happen on iCarly?

However, the boys in blue don’t hesitate to tell me when a domain, which they don’t have access to, is expiring. But, the account that I pay much more for is not even mentioned in an email when its time is up. I guess this was my wakeup call. Granted, it won’t happen again, and the agent with whom I spoke can go fuck herself in the ass with a cactus. At this point in my life, I have reached the brink of exhaustion and this company has done nothing for me that I have not paid for handsomely. Kids, take your hosting elsewhere. In twelve months from now, I don’t see myself with this shithole company any longer.

End of line.


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