Hint Water: Bullshit In A Bottle

imagesHint water is an emerging product developed by Kara Goldin. What was once started in her garage and home has now made it to the shelves of popular supermarkets- Whole Foods etc. However, I’m not sold on this product, and in the spirit of Penn and Teller, I call bullshit on their supposed “natural flavors.” Dogshit is natural and so I’m told by reliable sources (available upon request) that its flavor is as well. Sure, that’s a nasty comparison, but so is calling and selling something that is not. You get the idea.

Having organic and inorganic chemistry as part of my curriculum vitae does not make me an expert in what this drink contains. Every explorer of a multitude of websites makes an important and quite valid allusion to Hint’s “natural flavors.” Yet, none of us know exactly what the composition of this natural flavoring is. The folks over at Hint are keeping this secret, as if it would mean the end of their business.

Hint Water 2Given the obvious, it is not a fruit derivative. It contains zero calories and reminds me of an ester- though it is far from the conventional definition of an ester. Another speculation is that castoreum is the “natural” ingredient. I am leaning toward laboratory-manufactured than natural. Whatever it is, I will not stop until I get an answer that is entirely satisfactory. I drink water, and despise gimmicks. More than anything, I despise corporate deception. Stay tuned for the final verdict.

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2 Responses to Hint Water: Bullshit In A Bottle

  1. Rob Conway says:

    Sounds like the usual “say it’s natural and they’ll buy it!” shit they always pull.

  2. Millard Findlay says:

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