Blue Microphone Radius Shock Mount Incompatibility Explained

Simply stated, the Radius is not compatible with the Blue Yeti. I have done a great deal of research into the issue of the Radius and the Yeti being incompatible. The following outlines exactly what is going on, and why they are incompatible. As I suspected, both devices are machined in different measurements. The Yeti is machined in Imperial, or better known as standard, at 5/8″ with a tpi (threads per inch) of 27. These are standard measurements that fit all musical instruments manufactured in the U.S. The Radius is machined in Metric, measuring at M16x1.0. The Radius will actually connect to itself if you remove the stand attachment and attach it to the thumbscrew. Because the stand attachment is machined incorrectly as well- not in Standard but in Metric.

If BlueMic can manufacture the Radius in Standard units, rather than metric, they will fit together as though they were truly made for each other. If you desire a quick example of this, please take one minute and forty seconds and watch this short video, which demonstrates the Yeti/Radius incompatibility:

Their manufacturing and quality control departments should read this, as it is a very large oversight that should not reach the consumer.

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