Sonivox Wobble Evaluation: Or Lack Thereof

Many, if not most, of the more well-known software developers, Adobe, Microsoft etc., will offer trial, or otherwise known as evaluation copies of their software. In the process of composing music, we often find ourselves ever so immersed in the search for something groundbreaking and refreshing. While I do agree, to some extent, that “good artists copy, great artists steal,” when you are creating something from nothing, you truly have nothing from which to steal. Your imagination and the pursuit of a greater outcome, the discovery of something new, will always trump adopting another’s creation.

So, where am I going and what am I writing about? Plainly stated, there are too many companies, who could be assets, if they were not so money-hungry. Their greed is their demise and the primary cause of my evasion to anything they produce. This is why the subsequent company bothers me as much as I allow it.

The following was composed and sent to Sonivox for their consideration:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am highly interested in purchasing your latest version of Wobble. However, reviewing your FAQ section, there were some enigmatic references to 10.7 incompatibility. This could be a benefit, as my primary console, from which I compose, is operating on 10.6.8. As it stands, I would appreciate some clarification on the ambiguity, as to whether or not Wobble requires the Kernel of the newer OS or the older OS.

Most importantly, the price of this software is not cheap- good thing costs money. However, without an evaluation copy, I will never know if your software is compatible with my system and setup, as well Wobble’s integration into my music. Surely I can watch the Sonivox videos over and over, however, that doesn’t answer the questions I have. From Adobe to Microsoft, these companies understand that it is essential to allow customers to test a product before buying- this is all I am asking of Sonivox.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


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