The Good Old Days

Looking back, I remember a better time- a time when firmware wasn’t digitally signed. There was no need for SHSH blobs and TinyUmbrella. In this technological adolescence, I feel that Apple has not only gotten wise to what we should be able to do freely, but like jailbreaking itself, they are restricting us from doing as and what we wish with our hardware.

It upsets me that they continue to have such a stranglehold over their users. So much so, that I didn’t buy the iPhone 6. No. My wife surprised me. I abhor every iOS after 6. It was clean, graphically pleasing, and didn’t follow the tenet that the world is flat- the direction every GUI seems to be following.

There was once a video, which I would be hard-pressed to locate, that showed an iPad changing through multiple iOSs. It was amazing! The iPad was plugged into a computer and each time the commands were executed, it would display code and such on the iPad before loading the chosen iOS. It went all the way to iOS 7! Sadly, the video was taken down, and this is all that remains.

There’s nothing I would not do to make this possible…for all of us- if only I knew where to start.

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